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How to Speed up Hair Growth

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If you’re anything like me you’ve been looking for ways to grow hair from shoulder to waist as fast as you can for what seems like a lifetime. I’ve done some research and have finally come up with some suggestions worth trying. I can’t make any promises as hair growth varies due to genetics, but if you follow these steps it should help you reach your full growing speed potential.


  1. First of all, cutting hair does NOT make it grow faster. from the roots but stops length loss from the tips as it prevents breakages from split ends. How often you should cut your hair depends on how healthy it is, so it is down to your own judgement.
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Benefits of Biotin Vitamin Supplements

Biotin vitamin supplements, which are naturally made in the intestines, are important for the metabolism of protein and fat. Discover the importance of biotin with information from a nutritionist and herbalist in this video