The Wonders of Biotin

What is biotin? Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins having many functions in the immune system. It is responsible in the metabolism of protein and growth of cells. It also helps in preventing fingernails and toenails from becoming brittle. It contributes in a constant level of blood sugar and an uninterrupted flow of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, it helps in the lowering of cholesterol levels. These are just a few of the benefits that biotin provides as there are more things that biotin could do especially when taken with other vitamins and minerals.

Biotin is also known as Vitamin H as it prevents from having hair fall and hair loss which could include the eyebrows and eyelashes. Good to say, there are only rare cases of deficiency of biotin as most food already contain this vitamin. This is why there are only a few cases where supplements of biotin must be taken by a person, one of which is having a metabolic disorder. Women, when in the pregnancy stage are also found out to lack biotin. However, a doctor’s prescription must be obtained first before taking such supplements.

Although biotin is found in cosmetics and health and personal care products, some individuals still take biotin for hair growth. People who notice that their hair become thin, or their hair grow slowly, take biotin supplements as a solution for their hair problems. However, it is not yet proven that biotin could really promote hair growth. However, a lot of testimonials say that upon their intake of the mentioned supplements, hair growth took became faster and their hair became stronger, thus preventing hair breakage.

Even though you eat a lot of biotin-rich food, the body could sometimes not absorb it due to some factors. One known factor which prevents the absorption of biotin is by eating too much raw egg white. Egg is a protein-rich food, however, when not cooked; the white portion contains a kind of protein which acts as a barrier for biotin to be absorbed by the body. In line with this, you should avoid eating raw egg as to avoid this from happening.

Before taking biotin vitamins, you must first consult your physician. And before resorting to such vitamins, try to take foods which are rich in biotin such as carrots, Swiss chard, milk, onions, cauliflower and other vegetables, fruits especially strawberries and blueberries, and nuts which is not limited to walnuts and almonds.

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