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Biotin Hair Growth Products – the Answer to Balding

If you have been reading the news about new hair formulas lately, you have probably heard of the different biotin hair growth concoctions. These has been a whole lot of buzz about this new product since it hit the market and a steady stream of people touting its effectiveness started to come out. Some have dismissed it as a huge marketing strategy which is bordering on a scam, but many people also stand by the product and claim that they are indeed very effective. This is an unbiased article on biotin, which simply aims to educated people on the real deal behind this hair growth formula and is not meant to market or advertise the product in any way.

First off, let us start by identifying what the active ingredient in these biotin hair growth products really is. Biotin is a naturally occurring compound or substance in the body, it has a number of functions that are essential to growth and development, it has been found to aid in the growth of cells and help in maintaining these cells’ health and function, it also aids in the development of tissues like bones and muscles.

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Dietary Supplement Risks

Consumer groups have revealed toxicity and false ingredients found in some supplements not regulated by the FDA. Dr. Jennifer Ashton shares safety tips with Maggie Rodriguez

Genetic Hair Loss Testing; Hair Loss Treatments (NBC)

NBC TODAY SHOW investigates the new genetic test for hair loss. Men and women can now assess their risk for hair loss at an early stage. More info on treatements and diagnostic procedures on South Florida Today (NBC), live in the studio

How to Speed up Hair Growth

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
If you’re anything like me you’ve been looking for ways to grow hair from shoulder to waist as fast as you can for what seems like a lifetime. I’ve done some research and have finally come up with some suggestions worth trying. I can’t make any promises as hair growth varies due to genetics, but if you follow these steps it should help you reach your full growing speed potential.


  1. First of all, cutting hair does NOT make it grow faster. from the roots but stops length loss from the tips as it prevents breakages from split ends. How often you should cut your hair depends on how healthy it is, so it is down to your own judgement.
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Goggle Health series- Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

Does Biotin Help Hair Grow Faster?

Biotin has been proven to improve the quality of hair and nail growth, but not necessarily the speed of growth. Supplement with 1,000 to 3,000 micrograms of biotin a day to improve nail and hair quality with information from a nutritionist and herbalist in this video